Live in a Mediterranean climate all year around

Ever dreamed of living in a Mediterranean climate and harvest self-grown vegetables all year round and on top of that living self-sustainable and environmental friendly? Ecobyn Viadal realizes this dream. In this future-housing you live luxurious, healthily and sustainable.

1. Conference facility with restaurant and bakery | 2. Overnight room in greenhouse with bathroom | 3. Showroom (villa in greenhouse) | 4. Square | 5. Premises in greenhouse for businesses to rent | 6. Production greenhouse | 7. Ground floor apartments in greenhouse

Villa in greenhouse

The Eco Village is a housing project undertaken by Leif G Hultman who’s parents and uncle bought the plot of land, Viadal in 1948. Here they lived close to nature in a sustainable way with their own cultivations. A way of life that also suits the future. That is why Leif, together with Gert Wingårdh’s architectural firm Ecobyn Viadal, is developing a home for the modern person who wants to live an enjoyable and luxurious, but at the same time sustainable life.

Ecobyn Viadal is located in the middle of the scenic Scanian countryside on Fleninge farm. In the area, a number of villas and ground floor apartments of the nature house type will be integrated into each greenhouse. It is the glazing that creates the warm Mediterranean climate. The villas are placed around a lake with jetties and wooden decks in an environment that attracts recreation and enjoyment of life.

Conference, restaurant and hotel room in a unique greenhouse environment

Take a walk to Ecobyn’s gathering place and heart – the square. Here you can enjoy a good dinner or buy something freshly-baked from the bakery. The restaurant serves seasonal food prepared from ingredients grown in our greenhouse. You do not have to be a resident of Ecobyn Viadal to eat here.

At the square is a conference facility with the possibility of overnight stays. Sleep in a unique greenhouse environment in luxurious, nature-friendly glamping tents with a view of the starry sky through the glass roof.

Near the square you will find one of our larger greenhouses that provide plants for Ecobyn’s residents to grow themselves and vegetables for the restaurant.

A more comfortable life

Literally living in a greenhouse has many benefits. The warm climate makes life comfortable and social. Imagine hanging out with friends and family outdoors, but protected from the cold and wind! You can grow fruit and vegetables all year round and thus become self-sufficient. As a bonus, you always breathe oxygen-rich air thanks to the plants’ photosynthesis. The scents and greenery are good for both body and soul. Through solar panels and stored heat, the accommodation is also energy-efficient and thanks to a well-thought-out cycle system, you leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Minimal maintenance

Since the home is built inside the greenhouse, it is protected from the varied and often harsh Nordic climate. This makes the house easier to build, in other materials than we are used to and requires significantly less maintenance. There is a standard module for accommodation but this can be changed based on interest and needs.

Each home is built into its own greenhouse from the Venlo greenhouse system. The profiling is strong and the glass of safety glass quality for greenhouses with public functions. For cost-effective solution, standard measurements are used according to the manufacturer.

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